So, I’ve been going around and commenting on blogs. Today what I’ll be talking about is commenting.

There are different types of comments. The warm hearted ones that are great and the bad ones (not necessarily bad but unpleasant).

There is this girl whose name is Kaylie Online. She is from Pensylvania. Cool, right? Here is the comment I left her on her great blog. Kaylie-

Hi Kaylie,

Happy new year to you too. That sounds like one cool tradition. Mine is actually that every year we setup a table in the living room and watch our favorite show from France. I hope you have an amazing year. Come visit me please.

Yours sincerely,

Naomie Online

Here is another one. Her name is Taylor. She is from Hawaii. Kelly- this is another one I made:

Aloha Taylor!

Thanks for your wonderful comment. I am from Canada. I think this is one cool topic to write about. I’ve always wanted to make slime. That’s cool that you like to bake as much as me. What do you like to bake? I love to bake cakes and cookies. Yesterday (March 8th) We made peanut butter cookies. They are very good. I will definitely try to make some. Come and visit my blog.

Have an amazing day,

              Naomie Online

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Robotics Club

Aloha! So at our school we have a robotic club. Before Christmas, we had 3 sessions of beginners. In the beginners, you learned how to build the robot and program it.

Now me, Sanaya and Daisy are in advanced class. We learn how to program on computers like make it talk, make faces ect. It`s really cool. Next year, when i’m in sixth grade, we’ll be doing battles and other stuff.


image source: wikimedia communs